Frequently asked questions

What is the change?

On 21 January 2021 a new form for recording personal accidents in SMIS was launched.  The new form combines eight previous SMIS forms in a single, simplified form.  On launch the old forms will be retired from use.  

Which SMIS forms will be covered by he new person accident form?

The new personal accident form will cover the following SMIS forms: 


  • Assault and abuse 
  • Awkward body movement 
  • Electric shock 
  • Exposure to hazardous condition 
  • Exposure to hazardous substance 
  • Person interacting with animal, object, vehicle or another person 
  • Slip, trip and fall 
  • Other event resulting in injury or fatality

Why does this change affect SMIS Business Intelligence (BI)?

Any change made to the input forms requires careful consideration regarding the effects on SMIS BI. When simplifying the input forms, some question fields have been removed and will therefore not be available to extract BI information from in Jaspersoft going forwards.

Which fields have been removed?

All fields considered for removal from the input forms were reviewed against a set of criteria to determine those that are used most infrequently in both input and BI to ensure that the effect on users was minimised. The full list of fields that have been removed can be on the attached document at the bottom of this page..

What about historic data?

Historic events that had data in those fields will no longer retain that information in Jaspersoft. The events themselves will still exist and be able to be extracted, but will no longer have information pertaining to the deleted fields. These fields were selected based on their lack of use, so shouldn’t cause disruption.

Will it change the way that domains work in Jaspersoft?

No, you will still use the same domains to extract personal accident events in Jaspersoft. All personal accident events will still return in the ‘Personal accident’ domain as well as in their specific sub-event domains:

  • Assault and abuse 
  • Awkward body movement 
  • Electric shock 
  • Person exposed to a hazardous condition 
  • Person exposed to a hazardous substance 
  • Person interaction
  • Slip, trip or fall 
  • Other event resulting in injury fatality

Will it affect my pre-existing reports/dashboards?

Every effort has been made to ensure that none of the fields that have been removed affect any of the pre-existing reports and dashboards that our members have set up in Jaspersoft.

What do I do if I find that it has affected any of my reports/dashboards?

Please contact the industry systems service desk immediately and raise a ticket stating your issue and what resource it is affecting.

The service desk can be found here: Support : RSSB - Industry Systems Service Desk


Will this change the way that I use Jaspersoft currently?

Any training that you have received in Jaspersoft will still be up to date, the only change to future training courses will be to mention the way that the simplified input form feeds information into the different personal accident domains. The way that you use Jaspersoft will be unchanged.

Further information and help

Training on SMIS input forms and Business Intelligence extraction, updated to incorporate the new personal accident form, will be made available on

If you require further help or advice regarding SMIS Business Intelligence please contact the Industry Systems Service Desk: Support : RSSB - Industry Systems Service Desk.